Learn & Earn This Summer with Caregiver and Nanny Jobs

The summer is usually thought of the time to tan at the beach and swim in the lakes and oceans. However, for many college students, they are considering jobs, internships, and even volunteer positions with companies in order to buff up their resumes. Job hunting begins prior to graduating college for many students, and they are looking to add to their ever-expanding resume, every step of the way, until they reach their eventual career.

You could choose the typical jobs: camp counselor, lifeguard, lawn maintenance, and more. Or, you could choose a job that is not as well-advertised, but just as important and just as rewarding, a job that will help you with your eventual career.

The job hunt is difficult and it can be taxing to know that attempting to apply to the same jobs your friends are applying to will result in a job interview. However, there are other jobs out there that can be just as important to your work-life balance and career.

Caregiver and nanny jobs are always in demand, accessible to most college students, and offer a great amount of learning and experience, especially for a college student who one day wants to work with children.

Teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, police officers, and many more professions all require at least some interaction with children. You would be hard-pressed to find a job in Canadian society that does not involve working with children in some way.

Even if your career does not require you to interact with children, you may have an on-site daycare. As such, working caregiver jobs and nanny jobs can be a great way to prepare for this.

Here is what you’ll need to succeed in these types of jobs.

While nannies usually only take care of children and youth, caregivers can take care of practically anyone of any age. An elderly person who needs physical assistance to do household chores, for instance, will need a caregiver. So too will a young person with a physical disability. So, depending on whether you work as a caregiver or a nanny, you may either work with only the young, or with people of all ages.

However, this is where the vast majority of differences end. Both caregiver and nannies must exercise compassion, empathy, sympathy, and more, in order to be successful at their jobs. You have to be able to not only understand, but emotionally connect with the people that you care for, if you truly want to help them.

The Summer is the Perfect Time for Nanny and Caregiver Jobs

The summer is an excellent time for personal and professional growth. You are out of school for a few months, you have all the time in the world to learn a new skill or work a job, and you, being in college, have relatively few distractions and obligations to worry about during that time. Essentially, working during the summer for individuals who want to improve themselves, their resume, and their bank accounts.

If you are interested in working in a social field in the future, and you are looking for work during the summer, consider applying. Sure, the summer is a few months away but time flies fast! Do not delay! Ace Personnel in Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and Fraser Valley, British Columbia can help match you up with individuals needing nannying and caregiving. For more information, contact us today on our website.

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