How We Work

ace personnel search

There is NO REGISTRATION FEE to start a search for you new household employee.

Our Fees are only invoiced if we are successful in referring a suitable employee that fits your needs.

We realize every family is different – Your Style, Your Way.

1. Review our Summary of Services and Fees

2. Speak with one of our consultants so we have a clear understanding of your requirements and expectations. .
It is important that you provide us with a detailed job description including your family`s needs, experience required, schedule of work, salary,benefits, starting date and any other requests.

3. Once the consultant has the job description, we start our work.

We stay busy recruiting, interviewing and screening potential applicants to meet your needs.

We will send you the profiles of Candidates that meet your requirements as they become available.

4. When you identify a candidate of interest, just let us know and we will schedule interview times for you. You are always welcome to interview at our office.

5. After you have interviewed and have identified the right fit for your household and the employee is interested in the position. We suggest a trial.

6. A trial is an option that allows to see if you are a match. This is usually for 1 – 3 paid days before confirming the final hiring decision

7. If both parties agree to a match, an Offer of Employment is made. Ace Personnel provides Employment and Agency Contract, and our Agency Fee is due.

8. Your employee begins working.

Remember, the orientation of your new employee is important. Every family is different, be sure to guide and coach your new employee, to blend in to your family’s needs and surroundings for a positive environment.