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Child Care and Nannies

Our Nanny Candidates focus on providing constructive input and reliable loving care to your children

ACE Personnel understands that finding the right childcare makes all the difference. Our friendly, professional nannies are here to support you where you need it most, from newborn care to after-school homework support. We assist with any housekeeping and meal preparation required along the way.

As one of the first businesses in Vancouver to offer nanny employment, many of our clients were nannied by our employees as children—and, decades later, go on to hire nannies from us. We’ve grown with the community, and we grow with your family.

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With over 40 years of experience, we offer family support and nanny employment in the Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Lower Mainland areas. Ace Personnel is a hands on full service domestic staffing agency — we offer a range of services for your entire family, including household staff and elderly care.

A Personalized Nanny Service That Fits Your Exact Needs

We understand that finding the right nanny is challenging. Your at-home situation is unique, and you require a childcare provider that fits the exact needs of your family.
That’s something we take seriously at ACE Personnel. Our team of vetted nannies and childcare providers are there to help you every step of the way, from getting your children ready, providing ongoing care, to everything required to keep your household running smoothly.

Our Child Care and Nanny Services

Our nannies offer a range of support for children of all ages. All of our childcare is personalized to the needs of your family, including:

Newborn and Infant Care

We assist with any help you may need with your newborns or infants, including helping with feeding, changing, and bedtime.

Childcare and Supervision

Our staff look after your children while you work, making sure they’re safe and well-cared for—and giving you peace of mind that you deserve.

Before and After School Care

Our staff prepare your kids for a busy day of learning. We’re available for pick-ups, drop-offs, and after-school care.

Homework Assistance

Our nannies can help with your children’s homework, guiding them through new concepts, and helping them grasp grade-level techniques.

Light Housekeeping

We make sure the house is tidy and that any toys, crayons, and books are put away after play-time.

Meal Preparation

Our nannies take care of meal preparation, including any steps required to produce a healthy and delicious meal.


We help cook nutritious meals for your family and your kids, making sure they eat well and at regular times.

What Our Clients Say About Us

As a long-term client of Ace Personnel (20 plus years) I have been impressed with an outstanding level of service over the years. Hilda Coronel has been my primary contact at Ace for the past 10 years. Hilda has a tremendous work ethic and expects a high standard of care from every homecare worker she places.

Dr. Gillian Gibson
Hilda Coronel has provided me outstanding, valuable assistance and advice regarding home care since 2009. I have recommended ACE Personnel to friends of mine who required assistance to remain in their homes in a comfortable manner. I can say that without exception, all have felt blessed by Hilda’s and ACE’s help and in turn, have recommended her to the others who have the same need with the same result.
Mr. Elroy Jacobs

I have engaged ACE Personnel (and Janice Miguel-Wallace in particular) many times over the last 20 plus years. With the benefit of their deep knowledge and expertise, I have hired nannies, housekeepers and caregivers for the elderly, all first class, without exception. ACE knows what they are doing and they do it exceptionally well.


As a retired physician and daughter of elderly parents I have employed over 10 home care workers over the years, all provided by Ace. My father who is currently 99 years of age, is well looked after in his own home by 2 very responsible care aids. Without exception, every Ace care worker has been hard working, trustworthy, respectful and professional.

I haven’t hesitated to recommend Ace to colleagues and friends seeking a home care worker, often with some urgency. They have been consistently happy with the choices offered to them.

My first contact with Ace was over 20 years ago when I hired a lovely Filipino housekeeper, who still works parttime for our family, and is now considered a family member. The loyalty that she has shown to our family is what makes so many of the Filipino care aids special and a privilege to have in your home.

I think the success of Ace Personnel reflects that it is run as a hands-on business whose goal is to find the right care aid for a specific employer, but to represent the needs of both the family and the care aid.

My life has had many fewer worries knowing that my parents have been well looked after at home when I couldn’t be there. Please consider Ace Personnel

Having used Ace’s caregivers for the last 6 years, I have found them to be honest, trustworthy and very, very helpful.

G. Schultz

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is a nanny an employee or a contractor?2021-05-03T19:48:27+00:00

Most of the time, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Ministry of Labour and the courts find that nannies are considered employees and not contractors. To determine the status of the nanny in your household, you will have to answer either yes or no to the following three questions.

  1. Is the nanny in control: Does the nanny choose the work they do on their own, or do you specify the work to be done? Can the nanny choose her hours and do you review the work that has been done?
  2. What equipment does the nanny use: do you have the right of use over the tools and equipment used by your nanny for her work? Do you supply the equipment needed for the nanny to care for your children (cribs, strollers, …)?
  3. Is the nanny being reimbursed for costs during her work: Do you reimburs the nanny for purchase made for children activities (for example: visiting a playground)? Does the nanny get reimbursed for her transportation costs during working hours?
  4. Do you have an ongoing relationship with your nanny for an extended period of time?

Your nanny will be considered an independent contractor if the answer to these question was no, and she will be considered an employee of yours if the answer to these questions was yes.

However, we strongly recommend for you to obtain legal advice from a lawyer to be certain on whether the status of your nanny is one of employee or independent contractor.

How many vacation days do nannies need?2021-04-30T22:56:23+00:00

Full-time nannies in Vancouver who work 40 hours a week are legally entitled to 4% vacation pay or a 2-week paid vacation.  All statutory holidays and overtime (which is defined as over 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week) are paid out as time and a half. It is important to also note that both nannies and their employers are entitled to a 2-week notice of termination.

Vacation pay is pro-rated if the nanny works part-time. For example, if the nanny works 3 days each week, they would only be entitled to 6 days of vacation per year.

In the event that a family chooses the timing of their vacation, they must give at least 2-4 weeks’ notice before the vacation would begin.

How do I hire a foreign nanny in Canada?2021-04-30T22:54:34+00:00

You are required to register with the provincial government if you intend to hire foreign workers for nanny services in Vancouver, using federal programs. These programs are the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilot programs.

​Hiring temporary foreign nannies in Vancouver without a certificate of registration is against the law in B.C.

Alternatively, Ace Personnel provides nanny services in Vancouver. We carefully match our families with nannies that fit their needs and profiles. Our nannies are available on a full-time and part-time basis.

If you would like to learn more about hiring a nanny, our agency can be reached at 604.321.2778 or via email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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