When it comes to finding a nanny service, there are a few options to explore. However, the most cost-effective and safe way is to use a reputable nanny agency such as Ace Personnel in Vancouver. An agency can help you find a good-fit nanny for you and your family.

How do you know that the agency you are using is a respected and reputable one? Let’s look at criteria that will help you make the distinguishment.

What is a Nanny Agency?

Essentially, a nanny agency is a company that matches candidates with families needing childcare assistance. The agency is responsible for interviewing potential candidates and completing the screening process. The screening process many include first aid training, police checks, reference checks, qualifications and employment history verification.

Once a potential nanny has been interviewed, the agency will complete the hiring process and the nanny will be added to the pool of available candidates for hire. Once a match is made, the nanny is introduced to the family. The family will then contact the successful candidate to schedule a first meeting and start date.

3 Characteristics of a Good Nanny Agency

1. They prescreen the candidates for you

When you work with a reputable agency, the agency will only send you pre-screened applicants, who have already been assessed as being suitable for hiring. This will save you lots of time by avoiding having to sift through hundreds of applicants and interviewing a handful more candidates.  By working with a reputable and professional agency, you should feel confident that the applicants that are being matched are a fit for your family needs.

2. They Ensure Nannies are Well-Trained

There are no national or provincial standards for the childcare placement industry, and nannies are not required to have any formal training. But it does provide peace of mind to families and many reputable agencies realize this. If you hire a professional nanny agency, there is a good chance that each nanny will have received training from their employment agency. Each professional agency will also have minimum requirements that each caregiver must meet before commencing work.

3. They Offer a Safety Net

Once you go through the hiring process, there is a small chance that the connection may not work out. If you hire privately, you will have to start over again from square one. When working with a reputable agency, that is not always the case. They will help you find a replacement. And in the meanwhile they will also help set you up with a temporary nanny.

About Ace Personnel – Nanny Agency in Vancouver

Are you looking for a nanny in the Greater Vancouver Area; a full-time nanny or a night nanny? Ace Personnel helps you find the perfect fit. We are a trusted and experienced nanny service provider with over 40 years of experience specifically in the Greater Vancouver Area. Unlike when looking for a nanny in Vancouver on Craigslist or other independent sources, you can rest assured that with our service, you will find the best and safest possible nanny for your children. Contact us today to ask any questions you might have, or explore our nanny placement rates here.