What is considered good parenting?
A caring and responsible “good” parent can be defined as a person who strives to make decisions in the best interest of their child(ren).

No caring and responsible parent is perfect. As a matter of fact, no human being is perfect. This fact is important to keep in mind when setting expectations for your children.
Successful parenting means setting high standards for ourselves. It means serving as role models for our children. Providing them with a nurturing and caring environment to live in. And more importantly, setting the children up for success as well.

In this week’s blog post, our nanny agency in Vancouver shares with you 7 childcare tips that we have learned over the years. Many of these tips are neither quick nor easy. And most likely no one can do all of them at once. But if you can keep working on these tips, even though you may only do them some of the time, you will still be moving in the right direction.

Tip #1: Help Your Baby Learn the Difference between Day and Night

To help your baby learn the difference between night and day – During the day let the light enter your home or take your baby outside. In the evening (up to two hours before bedtime) dim the lights (if possible) or draw your curtains/blinds to set the mood. Having a bath before bedtime is another effective option.

Tip #2 Soothe Baby Cries with Swaddling and Rhythmic Movements

All babies cry. Some babies cry more than others. Crying is their way of telling you they need comfort and attention. The first step to soothing a crying baby is to figure out what they are trying to say. Maybe they are too cold or tired. Perhaps, they are hungry. Or maybe they are just overstimulated. Try to ease your baby`s cries by doing rhythmic movements or sounds or swaddling them in a large, thin blanket.

Tip #3 Don’t Panic if the Baby Suffers from Colic

Baby colic can be defined as frequent, intense, and prolonged crying or fussiness. The crying usually starts suddenly for no apparent reason and may appear to have no cure as well. It is important to note that colic is not a disease or disorder, but simply a catch-all phrase for excessive crying. If your baby suffers from colic, don’t panic, hold your baby lying down and make him a gentle abdominal massage. Bathe your baby with warm water if the crying persists.

Source: webmd.com

Tip #4: Make Time for Play

Babies enjoy playtime with their parents and siblings. There is nothing wrong with introducing basic social games, such as patty-cake and peekaboo. These games have been used for decades to entertain babies while helping them develop socially and cognitively. Your child will respond to the stimulations and interactions.

Tip #5 Childproof Your Home

The moment that your baby starts to move around, it is vital that you provide them with safe places to play. Thoroughly babyproof your house and yard, which means protecting them from potential danger as well as safeguarding your valuables. Teach your child to climb down safely if they begin to climb up the stairs and furniture. Also, lock the cleaning supplies in the cabinet and avoid supermarket plastic bags as liners in wastebaskets in the bathroom as they may cause asphyxia.

Nanny Vancouver Child Care Tips - Childproof your house

Source: today.com

Tip #6: Go with the Flow

Allocate some time each day for nursing sessions and afternoon naps. When you need to leave to run errands, give yourself extra time to pack what you need and make a last-minute diaper change or check.

Tip #7: Accept Some Help

When friends and loved ones offer to help, don’t refuse them. Allow them to hold the baby, fold the laundry or run some errands — whatever would help you the most. You may also wish to consider hiring a professional nanny. Professional nanny agencies such as Ace Personnel in Vancouver connect you with a nanny who meets your profile needs and works around your schedule.

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