A nanny employment contract may sound like yet one more thing to write and file, but is very necessary. It serves as an employment agreement between the employer (e.g. family or agency) and the nanny. It typically addresses items, such as pay, work schedule and job duties.

As a seasoned nanny employment agency in Vancouver, we often see required and mandatory items excluded from the contract. These exclusions often cause points of contention between the employer and the employee. As such, this blog addresses four important nanny employment items that are commonly forgotten in contracts…but should be included.

1. Transportation

The first item that is often forgotten in nanny employment contracts is transportation. A nanny may drive children to and from school and to extra-curricular activities. As well, the nanny may also be required to drive to the grocery store. Either way, driving costs money and could be unsafe. Thus, an employment contract should include a section on transportation, even if the nanny will be driving less than a kilometer each way.

2. Probationary Period

Another commonly forgotten item is the probationary period. In the majority of cases, a nanny begins employment and everything goes as planned. In other cases, however, the parents or nanny realize that the nanny is not a good fit. In those instances, the parents should have a contractual right to let their employee go on short notice, and the nanny should similarly be able to leave his or her job without reprisal.

3. Confidentiality Clause

 While employed, there is a good chance that the nanny may come into contact with sensitive information. For example, they may hear information about your finances and family issues, if and when they arise. Or they may learn that a family member has a medical issue. Whatever the situation, chances are that you do not want them telling the world at large that sensitive information. This could be addressed with a simple confidentiality clause in the nanny contract.

4. Social Media Policy

This item is common knowledge to most adults working in the vulnerable sector. However, there will be circumstances in which the lines may be blurred, such as an outing. For this reason, it is important to describe what an appropriate use of social media is while on the job and whether or not your nanny is allowed to share photos of your children.

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