7 Nanny Candidate Characteristics to Use for Screening

There is no shortage of candidates looking for nanny jobs or employment in the Vancouver, South Surrey, Surrey, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and White Rock areas. But how can you properly assess if the candidates are qualified  to do the job?  Hiring someone to look after your child or children is definitely one decision that should never be taken lightly. To assist you with the process, we have outlined  7characteristics to check off when offering a candidate nanny employment in your home.

  1. Vulnerable Sector Check

All B.C. residents who intend to work or volunteer with vulnerable people (people who are under the age of 18 or are 65 and older) should undergo a Vulnerable Sector Check at their local police station. This process determines whether or not the candidate has any record suspensions (formerly known as pardons) for sexual offences or any offenses that their employers should be made aware of. The Vulnerable Sector Check must be completed by the candidate every 12 months.

  • First Aid/CPR Training

It would be a great asset for sitters and nannies to have basic First Aid & CPR Training. The certification can be invaluable when a child in their care is in serious medical distress. For example, when there is a serious bone injury, proper first aid training on how to set or immobilize the bone can improve chances of full recovery. Another example of an injury that nannies often will encounter is a cut or scrape. Knowing how to clean a cut or scrape properly can prevent it from becoming infected.

The lesstime it takes for someone injured to be treated,the better are the chances for a speedy and full recovery.

  • Education

While there are no official legal certifications or degree requirements for nanny employment in Vancouver, South Surrey, Surrey, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and White Rock areas, you should still screen for any relevant certifications and classes. Things to look for include infant care certification, babysitting course completion, Personal Support Worker program completion, and Nutrition and Cooking course completion. A valid driver’s license may also come into good use if you require the nanny to be mobile.

  • Professional References

A professional nanny or sitter should have impeccable references. Checking your applicant’s references is the most effective method in ensuring their work ethic meets or exceeds your needs and requirements. Ask to talk to at least 3 references — including the most recent employer. If your prospective nanny is reluctant to provide this information, this may serve as a red flag.

  • Behaviour Management

It goes without question that behaviour management is a required skill of any nanny. It is very difficult for an outsider to know what your approach is to parenting. That is why it is important for you to educate them on your expectations and routines that have been  set. Provide them with ample opportunities (of course under your supervision) to show that they could withstand any situation and deal with it properly. You may wish to ask their referee(s) a question regarding their stress management and dealing with unruly behaviour when applicable.

  • Love of Children

Of course one of the must  qualifications of any nanny is their genuine love for children. Education, experience and special skills matter but none of those will apply if a person does not truly love working with kids.You can easily detect a loving nanny by how they speak and present themselves and their experience. Are they optimistic? Do they have a philosophy that matches your vision?

  • Hands-on Experience

Qualified nannies should have first-hand experience working with  children similar to yours. It is also ideal to find a candidate who has held employment in the same household for multiple years. This ensures they can manage sleep training, scheduling, diaper rash, soothing, feedings and the like. It is also a good idea to do a test run with your potential nanny candidate to see if they are a good fit. 

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