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Days are shorter. Nights are chillier. Fall is almost in swing! 

Of the four seasons, autumn tends to get the least attention and is generally regarded as the lead-in to the holiday season. Fortunately, there is more to autumn than many of us realize. Autumn is a great opportunity to go on outings and do outdoor activities for both seniors and family caregivers to enjoy. The following are some ideas for great outings and fun activities for seniors to help kick off the colourful season.

4 Fall Activities for Elders that Boost Well Being | Caregivers Vancouver

1. Fall Colours Tour

The best part about fall is the turning of the colour of the leaves. Short walks around the community allow seniors to admire the fall foliage and get some fresh air before the weather becomes even chillier. For seniors who are homebound and are not able to go for walks, gathering some leaves for crafts and sensory activities can help engage them with the outdoors and gets them excited for the changing seasons.

2. Picking and Carving Pumpkins

Picking and carving jack-o-lanterns is a classic family tradition that can be adapted to meet a senior’s abilities. Visiting a local pumpkin farm can help get your loved one into the fall spirit. Both of you can pick out pumpkins to bring home. When picking a farm to go to, try to select one that offers fall-themed games, contests and activities. Many of the games and activities are just as enjoyable by adults and seniors as they are for kids.

Should carving a pumpkin be difficult for your loved one, try decorating it with paint, ribbons, glitter, fabrics and other craft supplies you may have on hand. Whatever the active may be, be sure to have the senior loved one participate in the process. Let them pick the theme, scoop out the pulp and separate the seeds.

3. Bake Fall Treats

Seniors love baking, especially when they get to do it with their children and grandchildren. Autumn is the perfect time to break out and chop up those tasty pumpkins and apples and roll out the pie crusts. Yum! But you do not necessarily have to just bake the gooey and crunchy pumpkin and apple pies. Instead, try making something innovative, such as pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, and cinnamon rolls. Your fall baking recipes are basically endless, allowing you both a chance to get together and celebrate this season in the best ways possible.

4. Gardening

One of the best fall activities for seniors is gardening. Why? Fall is the best time to plant perennial flower bulbs, which bloom year after year. Involve seniors in the garden plan: which bulbs would they like to plant? Come spring, seniors will look for their budding flowers!

These fun fall activities for seniors should offer you a chance to spend some quality time with your loved one as both a family member and family caregiver! Enjoy the great weather and the fun outdoor activities while the weather permits it.


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