5 Invaluable Skills You Will Gain From your Nanny Employment | Ace Personnel Vancouver

In our previous blog posts, we covered the many reasons to become a nanny and how rewarding nanny employment can be. Today, we will focus on the skills you can attain from being employed in the profession and how the skills could be invaluable to your professional growth. Many of the skills listed here are not limited to the nanny work you complete. Most are fully transferable to other occupations, such as parenting, early childhood education etc. From patience to interpersonal communication to creative problem solving, this job can set you up for a lifetime of achievement and professional growth.

5 Things Nanny Employment Can Teach You | Ace Personnel Vancouver

1. Problem Solving

A nanny job can be challenging at times. Nannies are known for coming up with creative solutions to the problems they face, from employment hiccups to scheduling issues to child related behaviour issues. If one solution does not work, they learn to have a backup plan. When that backup plan fails, they move onto the next ideas until they find an approach that does work.

2. Interpersonal Communication

Nannies are expert communicators. They are able to skilfully set and keep boundaries with their employers, advocate for themselves on the job as well as handle sensitive or confidential situations. Although a nanny is not part of the family, the often represents the family to the outside world and must learn how to communicate the family needs and wishes. Having strong communication skills will aide you in all aspects of life – from professional life to personal life and everything in between. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, all sales result from good communication. Good communication skills are essential to allow others and yourself to understand information better and more efficiently.

3. First Aid and CPR Training

Children get hurt all the time! Well trained nannies know how to deal with these situations with ease. They treat minor bumps and scrapes (no matter how small they are) with a neon band-aid and a touch of sympathy. But emergencies can happen too, which requires nannies to acquire first aid/CPR certificates before working with children. This skill is invaluable because you will learn how to save lives not just at work, but in the community and at home as well.

4. Kid Entertainment Skills

Working as a nanny equips will equip you with the ability to entertain kids and keep them busy during the most boring times. This skill could come into good use when you have your own children to take care of. Upon becoming a parent, you will be ready and able to determine what activities and strategies work with kids and which ones do not.

5. Patience

Patience is a virtue in nanny employment. Nannies develop a keen ability to look at a chaotic situation and be patient, even when it is easy to get upset or angry. Patience is a skill that can come in handy when working in any environment, and not just with kids. For example, being patient will help you manage difficult customers/colleagues in the business world or help you problem solve life situations when they do not go your way.

Conclusion | Skills you will Gain from your Nanny Employment

Having the skills and qualities discussed above will certainly improve your effectiveness on the nanny job. If you are interested in developing these skills and are looking for nanny employment in the Vancouver area, contact Ace Personnel today. We are actively hiring nannies for the summer season. Both part time and full time opportunities are available.


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