Summary of Services / Agency Fees

The Stress-Free Way to Pay and Manage Your Employees

acepersonnel full service solution

  • All fees for placements including back-up in case of illness, emergencies or vacation time
  • Peace of Mind -Payroll and reporting obligations including monthly remittances paid to Canada Revenue Agency and Worksafe BC Coverage
  • Time and attendance tracking; personalized calculation of employee’s salary (including keeping track of extra days worked, days off, holiday pay and statutory holidays)
  • Preparing T4 and completing Record of Employment
  • Semi-monthly cheque issued to Employee
  • One simple invoice to you per month (with detailed summary of disbursement of funds) due by the 10th of the given month

Fee is Calculated at 10% of Caregivers/Nanny Gross Monthly Salary Plus a $500 Set up Fee Per Caregiver/Nanny on First Invoice.

This service is not available for clients hiring under the In Home Caregiver Program.
This is a 6 month minimum service. A cancellation fee of $550.00 per caregiver/nanny will be invoiced for services under 6 months. Effective August 8, 2016.