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Ace Personnel is Seeking FT/PT Caregivers for Spring 2019

The burden of Canadian family caregivers is high. Family caregivers assist their loved ones with many functions that the latter cannot do on their own, including completing domestic chores, providing personal care, assisting with medication administration and offering emotional and social support. While family caregiving has considerable rewards, including allowing families to spend quality time...
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Lyme Disease: What Caregivers of Seniors in Vancouver Should Know | Ace Personnel

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by a bite from an infected, blood-sucking tick. One of the first noticeable symptoms is a rash, which looks like a bull’s eye. As the infection spreads, the sufferer may experience a recurring fever, headache, muscle and joint pains, a stiff neck and fatigue. Lyme disease symptoms are very...
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The Right Way to Check References When Hiring A New Nanny | Ace Personnel

Regardless of how you hire a nanny candidate or how often they will be supervising your children, it is very important to carefully screen all potential providers. While many families run background checks, they are often tempted to skip through a critical step - checking references. We advise all families against not completing reference checks...
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How to Find a Nanny Job in Vancouver in 2019 | AcePersonnel

Have you been thinking about working as a professional nanny? There has never been a better time to jumpstart your nanny career than in the New Year. Nearly a decade ago, people could not differentiate between a professional nanny and a regular babysitter. However, due to enormous demand, professional nannying has today become a career...
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Food Hygiene at Home: How to Avoid Foodborne Illness | Caregivers for Elders Vancouver

One of every six Canadians experiences a foodborne illness each year. A foodborne illness is caused by pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria as well as toxins and chemicals inside foods. As a caregiver for seniors in the greater Vancouver area, it is important for you to understand that foodborne illnesses are more common in elderly...
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