5 Caregiver Tips for Staying Healthy and Active

Being caregiver for a senior loved one poses a number of challenges, especially to the work-life balance. Despite the job’s demands, one of the most important things you can do is carve out some time for yourself. This means to try to make an effort every day to take a break from work and spend time on things that you yourself enjoy most doing.

Even a small step towards a transformation will help you and the loved one in your care. The fact is that if you do not take a mental break, your frustration will likely boil over. With time, you may become less productive and your relationship with your loved one may become affected.

Consider the following list of 5 things you can do for yourself to improve your quality of life as a caregiver for seniors.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active While Working as a Family Caregiver | Ace Personnel | Vancouver | Surrey | Lower Mainland | Fraser Valley

1. Make Time for Regular Physical Exercises

Regular exercises, even in the simplest form such as walking, can improve your energy levels and outlook. Not only does exercise reduce stress, but it helps you maintain a healthy weight and can aid you in keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol at optimal levels. The beauty with exercising is that can be done at any time of the day. It is very easy to incorporate it into your daily activities, such as running errands, doing grocery shopping, walking to the bank etc.

2. Join a Support Group

There is no one that better understands your situation than the person that is going through something to you. You will find lots of people who can relate to your stress as a caregiver in a local support group. The support group offers counseling, validation and encouragement as well as practical coping strategies for difficult situations. A support group can also be a good place to create meaningful friendships outside of your regular circle of friends and family members.

3. Stay Connected with the Outside World

The worst thing you can do for yourself is to isolate yourself from the outside world. You cannot underestimate the health benefits that come from being around others. Positive social interactions do not just improve your mood. They also challenge your mind by prompting you to practice your expressive and receptive skills. As well, staying connected can help sharpen your mind and enhance your ability to pay attention. You can challenge your brain even further and truly get those neurons firing by doing something totally new like joining a book club or painting a portrait.

4. Reward Yourself

This tip may sound like an obvious choice, but very few caregivers fulfill it. By rewarding yourself, we mean more than just patting yourself on the back. We encourage you to do something that even you can recognize that you completed a hard task. Give yourself a weekend off or buy yourself a ticket to see your favourite singer live in concern–you deserve it! Whatever it is, continue to remind yourself that you have earned it. During this time off, other family members and friends will gladly chip in. If no one is available, which is rare, we encourage you to contact a local caregiver for senior agency. They will connect you with someone who is skilled at watching over your loved one will you are on break, even if it is just for the hour or two.

5. Keep a Journal

Writing down frustrations is a good way to let them go. A journal is also a good place to record what went well for the day. Those words can serve as inspiration the next morning.

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