5 First Day Tips to for Beginner Nannies

Starting a new job can seem daunting, especially for beginner nannies. Will the kids like me? Will the parents dislike something I do? Will I follow all the directions and rules to the t? These are all valid questions.

Having first day jitters is perfectly normal. You are not alone. As uncomfortable it is for you at first, it is also uncomfortable for the employer and the kids. There are two things to always remember. One, go into it with an open heart! Two, strive to build a healthy, open relationship with the employer and the children in your care. Remember: Mutual respect and trust come naturally and are not developed on the first day.

Here are five ways to make sure you have a great first day — and start to a healthy working relationship.

1. Review Job Expectations and Duty Prior to the Start of Employment

Prior to the start of your employment, on day one, you should have a strong initial sense of the family’s expectations – and have already discussed your own expectations and requirements. The terms should ideally be outlined in a formal contract. A written contract outlines the employment agreement between you and your employer(s) and details the duties, expectations and responsibilities of each party. Since a work agreement addresses many issues, it helps to prevent misunderstandings and confusion in the future.

2. Establish Boundaries

The family is your employer and not your friend. As such, it is important to always maintain a professional working relationship with them. This means, not disclosing too much personal information. For instance, the employer may ask you what you did on the weekend. It is certainly fine to let them know that you had dinner with friend and family or spent the day with your children. Details such as fights or recoveries should not be divulged.

3. Anticipate the Worst Case Scenario

Expect the best, but always plan for the worst. Upon starting employment, you should do a quick scan to know where the obvious danger zones are – stairs, exits, pools, medicine cabinets, etc. Remove all potential hazards or let the family know of your concerns. Also, spend just a few minutes entering must-have numbers into your phone – parents’ personal cells and work numbers, backup contact person, etc. These steps will ensure that you are proactive when dealing with unexpected situations.

4. Debrief at the End of the Day

Parents are as nervous about the new arrangement as you are. Any updates about how the day is going will be much appreciated. Sending them a text here and there during the day with a picture of their children is one way to ease their worries. Planning for big debrief at the day’s end is also another way to keep all lines of communication open and to maintain a healthy working relationship. You can show the parents that you are proactive by giving a solid download on the day’s happenings.

5. Kids come first!

Focus as much of your time and attention on the kids. Be prepared for them to be wary at first or sad because it is not their usual routine. Do not take it personally. Be positive and smile. Ask them to show you their favourite games, books and toys. This is a beginning of a new and important relationship.


ACE Personnel is a family owned and operated service founded in 1977 by Diane Anderson (“Mrs.A) . It began as a home based business and has since been devoted to helping the local community with childcare and home care solutions. Mrs. A took great pride in the fact that she was able to help others through elderly care and nanny placements. She took time to get to know her each of her clients and as a result developed lasting relationships with many of them.

Ace Personnel welcomes all qualified candidates for nanny employment in Vancouver to send their CVs through our easy-to-use online application form. The hiring process is ongoing. If we feel you are the right fit, one of administrators will contact you to set up an interview. No walk-ins or phone inquiries will be accepted.

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