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Regardless of how you hire a nanny candidate or how often they will be supervising your children, it is very important to carefully screen all potential providers. While many families run background checks, they are often tempted to skip through a critical step – checking references. We advise all families against not completing reference checks for all candidates.

If you are hiring your nanny through a nanny agency, there may be someone in place who will check the reference on your behalf. Such a person will be experienced and skilled in doing reference checks and will be able to identify a fake reference and read between the lines when it comes to what a reference is saying.

If you are going to screen your nanny without the assistance of a skilled professional, it is important that you have the proper mindset and tools needed to conduct a thorough screening. The following tips have been compiled by our nanny employment agency in Vancouver to help you differentiate between a reference that is real and one that is fake.

What Makes a Good Reference? | Nanny Employment Vancouver

What makes a reference a good one? A good reference is one that is most recent. The ideal referee should have had worked with the candidate within the past year, so their evaluation of the person’s performance is fresh in their minds. They should also be available to speak via phone, so that you can ask follow-up questions and get as much information as you need. Ideally referees should be former supervisors or managers, not colleagues, who have observed and evaluated the candidate’s job duties and can speak of their abilities and past experience.

4 Tips for Checking References When Search for Nannies | Nanny Employment Vancouver

Ask for multiple references

We always ask for a minimum of 3 professionals references here at Ace Personnel, including the candidates’ most recent employer. We also make sure that we speak with all of the references provided by the nanny. We do this in order to verify the information shared with us during the interview process and to gain better insight into candidates’ work ethics and capabilities.

Keep an eye out for gaps on their resume

Is there a period of time in which a nanny has not been employed? This may be due to travel or school, but they could also be hiding a bad reference. Usually nannies will not put on past jobs where they know that positive feedback is not possible. Be sure to talk to the candidate about any gaps of information on resume so that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Be aware of the relationship with the reference

Make sure that you know the relationship between the nanny and the referee, particularly if the nanny does not have much experience. Close personal friends or family members may not be objective, and you want a full picture of both the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Prepare a list of questions

Prior to making a reference call, it is important to make a list of questions to ask the referees. All questions must be carefully framed to help you obtain a larger picture. By the end of the call, you should have a good indication of how well the referee knows the nanny, how and when the nanny worked for the referee, how well they got along with the children, and what the nanny’s strengths and weaknesses were during employment.

The following list is a guideline:

• When and how long did they work for you?
• Was it full or part-time?
• How many children did they look after, and what were the ages?
• How did the children get on with them?
• How did they act with the children?
• Did they ever have to deal with an emergency? How did they handle it?
• What activities and responsibilities was the nanny responsible for?
• Were they clean and tidy?
• Did they stick to your schedule as much as possible?
• Were there any areas they could have improved on?
• Would you hire them again?

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Our nanny employment agency in Vancouver directly works with parents and families to get them the best fit candidate for their children’s needs. If you are looking for a reliable and responsible nanny then Ace Personnel is the nanny agency you want to work with. All the nannies who work with us are well suited to help with common household chores and child supervision. Whether it is cleaning, doing laundry, cooking or helping children with homework, our nannies are there to take some of the pressure of your back.

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