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We have a collective responsibility to provide care for our current generation of seniors as they grow older. Whether you are a family member who has taken on the role of caretaker or someone who works in the senior care profession, it is very important to understand and utilize the advances in technology that are in place for the elderly. Smartphones and tablets are not the only technologies available. As you will continue to read this blog post, written by our senior care specialists in Vancouver, you will better understand the different gadgets available and how they can help you care for your loved one or client.

Devices Prevent Wandering | Senior Care Vancouver

Seniors regularly fall prey to wandering, particularly those who face difficulties with memories and cognitive functions. One of the most common fears of family members and senior care and health care professionals is that their loved one or client may get lost or hurt. Fortunately, technology has become so far advanced today that there are now devices (e.g., bed alarms, door monitors) readily available to help you deal with such an issue. These devices will help notify you or the caregiver when a client or loved one has wandered to places they are not supposed to. Alternatively, pendants are also readily available and can easily track elderly patients who are more independent or prone to getting lost through a GPS system.

Smart Technologies Promote Self-Care | Home Care Vancouver

Smart technologies (e.g., smartphones and tablets) improve the lives of nearly everyone who owns one, including seniors. The same technology that makes smart technologies so enjoyable is extremely valuable to seniors and those that care for them. Given that there is an app for everything these days, seniors can use their devices for practically anything from keeping up with their medication to managing contact information to tracking nutritional input. For example, some apps can sync with wearable technology that monitors seniors’ heart rate, location etc.

Emergency Response Services Reduce Risks of Falls | Senior Care Vancouver

You’ve seen the commercials: “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

Life Alert has improved senior care 20 years ago when they started developing emergency response services (ERS) for seniors who have fallen or gotten hurt and there is no one at home to help. Since then, they (along with technology firms around the world) have bettered these systems greatly with newer technology.

Lack of mobility, sight, and hearing can put seniors in great danger when they are alone. ERSs have become better (with the help of GPS) at locating seniors and getting someone out as quickly as possible to help. The ERS world has also developed unique gadgets to help seniors in the action of falling. One company in particular has invented a safety belt that deploys airbags around the hips when it senses a senior is falling. The belt then notifies emergency responders to the senior’s location and sends help as soon as possible.

Virtual Assistants Provide a Sense of Community | Home Care Vancouver

While many seniors need home health care to assist them with treatments and household tasks, there are still many aspects of life that can be set up for them remotely. Robotic assistant programs interact with patients in the comfort of their own beds or a care facility. With the help of these virtual assistants on portable device (e.g., smart phone, tablet) seniors and their caregivers can receive detailed information about medication and doctor’s suggestions, as well as connect with loved ones via social media. This gives seniors a sense of community, letting them know that they are not alone and that there is always someone there looking out for their needs.

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