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How to keep your aging parents at home for as long as possible? This question has probably crossed your mind on numerous occasions. Each time you shot blanks, unable to find viable solutions.

You are not alone! We often hear our clients say, “I promised mom I would never put her in a nursing home” and “Dad outright told me to never put him in one of those places to live.” In fact, over 90% of seniors share your sentiment – they want to continue living at home as they age.

As long as the situation is safe, keeping your elder parent(s) at home is by far the best option. However, taking care of an aging parent is a lot of responsibility and one of the toughest and most stressful jobs you will ever take one. That’s why it is so easy for caregivers to get burned out or develop serious health conditions.

Our caregiver agency in greater Vancouver has compiled a list of 5 tips to help you reduce the caregiving load and decrease your stress, so that you can keep your parents at home as long as possible.

5 Ways to Keep Aging Parents at Home | Caregivers for Seniors Vancouver

1. Assess the Care Needs

To see how much care your parent(s) needs, make a list of all the tasks that you are doing with/for them. Ask yourself: When is help needed most? During the day? In the evening? Is supervision needed around the clock?

A simple way to assess the care needs is to get a notepad and make quick notes when you complete a task. You will have a clearer picture of what your parent(s) needs help with and at what time of the day after a few days of note-taking.

2. Work Together

Effective caregiving is not one that is done unilaterally. It includes family members, close family friends, neighbours, and other loved ones. It also has a designated single “team leader” who facilitates discussions and keeps communication going with the care team. The care recipient may also be included in the care plan whenever possible. Another option to explore is to hire someone to help with this planning. A geriatric care manager can assist your family with this.

3. Make it Easy to Call for Help

No matter how many modifications you make to your home, you can never prevent the unexpected. If a senior has an emergency, getting immediate help can mean the difference between life and death.

Consider using a call-assist service or personal emergency response system that the senior can wear on their neck or wrist and push a button in the case of an emergency. If you do not have such a service in your area, then make sure your loved one carries a cell phone on them, or at the very least, that there is a phone within arms’ reach.

4. Remove Hazards

Remove slipping and tripping hazards that can get caught underfoot and cause your parent to fall. Area rugs have a tendency to bunch up or can curl at the corners, causing a healthy and safety issue. Clutter, pets, extension cords, children’s toys and steps that are too sharp are examples of other tripping hazards that seniors may face.

5. Enlist the Help of a Caregiver Agency

Caregiver agencies specializing in in-home care are your biggest resource. Their goal is similar to yours – to allow clients of all ages, including seniors, to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible. They offer full-time and part-time home care services for anything from companionship to meal preparation, grocery shopping, and light housekeeping. Unlike in assisted care facilities and nursing homes, the dedicated caregiver assigned by the agency is matched to the elder needs to ensure the perfect fit.


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