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Does helping others come naturally to you? Do you have a friendly personality and love meeting new people? Are you an outgoing person who enjoys being around people? Would you like to make a positive difference to your local community by helping older people? A job as a caregiver for seniors may just be the thing you are looking for.

A caregiver is someone who provides assistance to people who are sick, injured, disabled, and/or aging. Caregiver work typically takes place inside clients’ homes. The main responsibility is assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, feeding, grooming, taking medication, and vacuuming. It also involves setting up and keeping appointments with doctors and providing or arranging for transportation. More importantly caregivers are their clients’ best friends and companions; always looking to improve their quality of life with a few laughs, walks in the park, and fun activities.

There are two categories of caregiver work that are available in the Vancouver area: 1) non-medical caregivers; 2) skilled caregivers. Determining which of the two is right for your individual background and skill set can be determined with a little research and an understanding of your personal strengths.

Non-Medical Caregiver Employment | Vancouver

Non-Medical Caregivers are in-home care professionals who mainly focus on providing personal care, respite care, and companionship to adults or seniors requiring assistance (e.g., seniors, injured persons, persons recovering from surgery). Non medical caregivers’ duties range from feeding, dressing and bathing to medication reminders and administration, mobility assistance, running errands and social support. This line of caregiver work does not require a medical background.

Caregiving job requirements differ from agency to agency in British Columbia. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma. However, many reputable agencies like Ace Personnel also seek professionals with post-secondary education, such as PSW or DSW certification, and First Aid/CPR training. Almost always, professional and reputable agencies require candidates to undergo Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) prior to employment.

You can find a job as a non-medical caregiver either through an agency or independently.

Skilled Caregiver Employment | Vancouver

Becoming a skilled caregiver (e.g., a Licensed Practical Nurse ‘LPNs’) requires training and more formal education. British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals regulates most skilled caregivers and maintains a registry. They also set standards for training and competency evaluations, though there are federal and provincial requirements that they follow.

LPNs provide care in a variety of health care settings. More and more patients are seeking care at or near their homes, which has resulted in many LPN jobs moving away from the hospital environment and into more specialized settings. The most common places LPNs work in: nursing homes, home health care, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and rehab centres.

LPNs are responsible for a range of patient care and administrative tasks, including monitoring basic patient health (e.g., vital signs), changing dressings or inserting catheters, taking patient histories and maintaining documentation, and assisting with tests or procedures.

Non-Medical Caregiver Jobs Available at Ace Personnel

Ace Personnel is currently seeking candidates for caregiver employment in non-medical capacities in Greater Vancouver; the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. If interested, please go to the following link and send us your resume and cover letter. Our agency will contact all qualified candidates for an interview.


Ace Personnel is a Full Service Household Staff Placement Agency providing home care services to families and individuals in Greater Vancouver; the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. We represent experienced, qualified and reliable caregivers, nannies and skilled homemakers.

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