4 Tips on How to Prepare for Hiring a Nanny

As a leading nanny employment agency in Vancouver and surrounding areas, we strive to ensure the best match possible between our nannies and clients. We peruse all client expectations and requirements and compare them to the profiles of our nannies. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of recommendations for families looking to hire a nanny that will help them effectively find what they are looking for in the least amount of time.

How Long Does it Take to Find a Nanny?

Our advice to clients looking to hire nanny for employment is not to wait until the last minute. Once you decide to employ nanny or seek the assistance of a nanny agency, you will need time to find the right candidate or for the agency to find the right candidate for you. Typically we suggest that clients start planning for their needs 1 to 2 months in advance.

1. Write a Detailed Job Description

Start your search by composing a thorough job description of your ideal nanny. Make sure you covered all possible scenarios by asking yourself the following question: Will you expect your nanny to launder your child’s clothes or do basic housekeeping? Do you expect the nanny to do basic meal preparation and planning? Will your nanny need to provide transportation to different child-related activities?

2. List any Required Skills, Licenses, and Certifications

CPR and emergency first aid training could save your child’s life, so it is important to hire a nanny who has these very important skills. We recommend that if the nanny does not have these certifications to ask if s/he is willing to take the courses during the interview. Most licensed agencies look for CPR/first aid training to be completed before employment commencement. But it is still an important question to ask.
Other certifications that you may ask for or include in your list are: educational degrees/certificates, criminal background checks, PharmMed training etc. It is important to have the list available before you meet with the candidate or agency.

3. Make a Checklist of Ideal Traits

Every family has different tastes and needs. That is why we recommend that you write down any ideal traits you would like your nanny to have and to share it with the agency you are working with. Consider the following questions to get you started: Do you want someone who approaches mishaps calmly and seriously or with a sense of humor? How much creativity should your ideal nanny have to keep your children busy?

4. What basic traits are you looking for?

You should also consider what basic traits a nanny must have to work for your family. Obviously, your nanny should like children and be responsible, calm, and patient. Whoever you choose should also demonstrate respect for your own child-rearing values and be willing to enforce them. You should also look for a nanny who will have good decision-making abilities and who can be trusted to handle an emergency situation. If there is anything else to add to this list, be sure to communicate that to the agency you are working with.

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