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Do you work as a caregiver for seniors in the Vancouver area? Are you looking for fun ideas for outdoor activities to do with your senior client this summer? There is good news – there are endless options keep you both entertained. Whether it is relaxing in the park or going for a walk in the midst of nature, there is no shortage of activities to do.
The following are 5 ideas for outdoor activities that caregivers for seniors in Vancouver area can arrange for their clients:

1. Stay Active with Gardening | Senior Care

Gardening is a great summertime activity. Not only does it allow your client to get fresh air, but it provides them with amazing low-impact exercises. As well, it helps seniors to move their body and switch positions, which challenges their joint flexibility and strength. If there is no garden in the yard, community gardens are an option to explore. These sites are always looking for volunteers to help them out.

2. Plan a Games Night | Home Care

From bingo to bridge to scrabble to dominoes to chess to monopoly, board games are a favourite among seniors. Board games can be a low-key way to engage in some quality time. Board games are especially popular among seniors because they promotes increased social interaction, especially for those who feel isolated and alone. With the weather getting warmer, you may opt to host your games night in the park. This may garner more interested parties and increase social interactions for your client.

3. Take Walks | Senior Care

Taking your senior for walks on a daily basis can be very rewarding, too. In addition to being a type of exercise, walking around the neighborhood or in the park may enable senior citizens to make new friends and enjoy fresh air. Making good use of company while walking is recommended as it helps make the short daily walks less mundane.

4. Have Picnics Outside | Caregivers Activities with Elderly

Having meals in the outdoors can be a rewarding experience. This great activity can be shared with any of the other activities on this list. The key to success with picnics lies in choosing a suitable spot and not doing it on the same spot each and every time. Going to the same park can become boring after a while. Other options include restaurants with patios and clients’ backyard.

5. Go Out for a Treat | Home Care for the Elkderlys

We all have a favorite snack or restaurant that picks their spirits right up and seniors are no different. Instead of limiting outings to special occasions or the doctor’s visits, make it a routine that you do once a day or at least thrice a week. This could consist of getting an ice cream cone from a local creamery, a coffee and pastry from a favorite coffee shop, or a lunch special from the diner around the corner. If the weather is nice, seek places that have open air patios.

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