Debunking 5 Common Myths about Caregiver Jobs in Vancouver

The caregiver for the elderly industry in Vancouver and surrounding areas has hit a crossroad. Our beliefs about care and caregiving no longer reflect our realities. With the demand of caregivers’ jobs in Vancouver and surrounding areas only increasing, it is time to debunk the myths and ensure that our elders are getting the best care possible and quality of life they deserve:

Myth #1: Working in Home Care as a Caregiver is Unsafe

The most widespread misconceptions we hear regarding a career as a caregiver for the elderly is the safety issue. Many applicants should not be deterred from embarking on a career as a home caregiver as this belief is false. Unusual situations do come up, but 99.99% of the time clients are living in normal living conditions that all of us would agree to be safe. One benefit from working with a home care agency is that you have employers who advocate for your rights to a safe and harassment-free work environment. They also have strict policies in place to handle any situation that may occur and assess the surroundings and environment before you go in.

Myth #2: The Caseload is Hard to Handle

The caseload for many home care givers for the elderly is manageable, despite widespread misconceptions. Most of our home care employees feel they have a fair case load in which they can accomplish more and feel like they are contributing more to a patient’s overall plan and wellness. Our caregivers also determine their own caseload and the number of hours that they work. Flexible scheduling is what allows home care agencies like us to retain our employees for long term.

Myth #3: Caregivers Are Only Hired to Work with Very Infirm Patients

Medical home care is offered to seniors who are very sick, which is separate from caregiving in Vancouver. In-home caregivers provide non-medical care services for those who just need help with daily chores, dressing, housework, transportation and running errands and the like. It is a rewarding experience, allowing you to put smiles on people’s faces and help them improve their quality of life by assisting with some of the activities clients are no longer able to do on own.

Myth #4: Caregiver Recipients are Mostly Elders over the age of 70

Care is not defined by age, status, occupation, or gender. Loss, illness, and grieving do not just happen when people get older. To be involved in life means care can’t be postponed until we are ready. It finds us regardless of who we are, what we are doing, and what goals we set for ourselves.

Myth #5: All Caregiver Services Require the Same Tasks

The saying “buyer beware” is very true when looking for the right caregiver agency to work for. Whether you are a family member, looking for care for a loved one, or you are looking for a job in the care sector, it is important to remember that not all care companies work the same and there is many points of differentiation. We highly recommended for anyone looking for the right fit to do plenty of research and ask a lot of questions before accepting.

We hope this article has eased your worries. Are you ready to take the first step to commencing your career as a caregiver in Vancouver and the surrounding areas? If so, please send your resume by filling out the contact form here. All suitable and qualified candidates will be called for an interview. Our hiring process is ongoing on as per needs basis.


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