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This is a very common problem faced by many families of senior parents who require caregiver services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Many children live far from their parents for professional and educational needs, which make it nearly impossible to move back home to attend to their daily needs.

The following are 5 tips for becoming the best remote caregiver for your elderly parents in Vancouver and the surrounding areas:

1. Remote Monitoring

We live in an age of digital and mobile technologies. There are more and more technologies being developed that allow children of caregiver recipients to remotely monitor their parents. The technology uses sensors that alert a caregiver of any anomalies that they should attend to.  Technologies do not replace human involvement; rather, they complement care, prevent worsening problems, and alert when there is an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance.

For example, let’s say a loved one has fallen. They cannot get up. Sensors can now detect falls and alert you and the proper authorities when help is needed.

2. Support Networks

One of the best ways to remotely monitor elderly parents is through support networks. The support network can include siblings, relatives, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, volunteers, professional caregivers and the like. You will be amazed by the number of good Samaritans there are out there and who will be willing to help. All you have to do is ask.

3. Communicate Regularly

You should be talking with your parent often, regardless of whether there is a pressing issue or not. Since you cannot do this in person on a regular basis, frequent phone calls ensure you are kept informed especially if there are any concerns that need to be addressed.

It needs to be a two-way communication so they can also tell you what is happening. They should be comfortable calling you for assistance when the need arises. If they need help, your support network should be able to get in contact with you.

Make sure they also have emergency numbers they can reach you at or the numbers of people who would be able to get a message to you if you are not reachable. Tape your phone number to their phone if they have trouble remembering.

4. Book Appointments Online

Organizing physician visits has become hassle free in the era of internet. One can find specialized specific doctors; make their appointment through a hospital’s website to relieve their parent’s from booking with difficulty. Other arrangements like arranging cabs, bill payments, downloading tests reports etc. can also be done via the web. It is important to remember that sending them to the doctor is one part; we must also take care of follow ups.

5. Hire a Caregiver Agency

When you hire a reputable agency to take care of your elderly parents’ or grandparents’ needs, you ensure consistent care. The caregiver assesses the situation upon first contact. They make recommendations based on what they see. They act as your eyes and ears and will take the appropriate actions when the need arises. They also regularly communicate with you in cases where the needs changes.

We realize there are costs associated with hiring an agency. Many families prefer hiring a private caregiver as they believe it may be the less expensive option. We caution you against this practice.  To better understand the differences between private caregiver and caregiver agency click on the following link to our resource article on the subject.

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