Hiring Senior Care in Vancouver | Hiring an Agency over Going Private

The day has come. One or both of your parents need help with basic needs, such as meal preparations, running errands, housekeeping etc. What are your options? Although many take on the responsibility of senior care by themselves, this may not be the most viable option for most families. With your own family, career, and financial responsibilities, you may find yourself constantly feeling burned out.

We advise our clients and their families against taking on the responsibility of senior caregiving as many of them are not properly trained on procedures. When hiring in-home (experienced and skilled) caregivers, you gain peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be able to stay at home and will be provided the assistance they need.

There are two options for you to pursue when it comes to hiring a caregiver: private care vs. agency. After reading this article in depth and learning about the differences between the two, you will have a better understanding of what is the better option.

1. Standard of Care | Hiring a Caregiver

Taking on the responsibility to provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve is an important task. Without experience and knowledge of the industry, you may not be equipped to determine what the best standard of care is. As such, hiring a private caregiver who is the right fit may prove to be difficult because the responsibility of enforcing set standards would lie solely with you. When you invest in a caregiver agency, on the other hand, you entrust experienced and seasoned professionals to enforce procedures for you. If there are any issues, they will address the concerns with little disruption to you or your loved one.

2. Preparing for Home Care Transitions

In the event that your current caregiver does not show up or takes a leave of absence, you will need to fill the vacancy with another caregiver. When this concerns a private caregiver, the responsibility would fall on you to find their replacement or risk leaving your loved one without care. In comparison, when hiring an agency, you can be assured that if a caregiver can no longer provide their services or you are interested in a new caregiver based on progressive symptoms, the transition will be smooth and effective.

3. Insurance for Senior Caregivers

Unfortunately injuries and accidents do occur in the workplace, no matter how many steps you take to prevent them. When hiring senior caregiver privately, if any injury occurs to them it would be up to you to compensate them for their time lost and their lost wages. In comparison, an agency typically has bonding, theft, liability, worker compensation insurance for their caregivers and deal with all legal and workplace ramifications.

4. Caregiver Monitoring & Supervision

Private caregivers typically work for themselves. Caregivers working for a home care agency are employees being supervised by them. They clock-in, out, track tasks, and provide reports to agency administrators and families. This means you are not left to wonder if caregivers showed up on time and are following the plan provided.

5. Caregiver Matching is Important

As a child or grandchild of a loved one requiring caregiver, the “right fit” is of utmost importance. Most senior caregiver agencies understand that each client is unique and may require specific skills and attributes from their caregiver. Through thorough screening, many agencies are able to create detailed profiles of each of the candidates that would help them pair with clients. When you hire a private caregiver, on the other hand, you may not know if they are compatible until they start working. And if there is a lack of compatibility, you will have to go through another hiring and screening process.

At the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you and your family. Before making such an important decision, please research both options and understand what your decision will mean for you, your family, and of course, your loved one who requires care.

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