4 Ways to Involve Millennials in Caregiver Duties in Vancouver

The millennial generation is the first generation to be shaped technology and immediacy from the day they were born, which makes them different from their predecessor population. Both technology and immediacy affect the way they see the world and how they act. Millennials expect others to keep up with the times, and to do it quickly, before they lose interest or move on.

The ways we perceive aging relatives and how we engage with them is no different. This article highlights the differences that make up the millennial generation and encourages all caregivers for seniors in Vancouver, South Surrey, Surrey, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, or White Rock to pause and consider the uniqueness of millennials. The success of our caregiver solutions for the elderly depends on it.

The following are 4 ways you can better involve a millennial in caregiving duties for the elderly in Vancouver and the surrounding areas (South Surrey, Surrey, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, or White Rock):

Tip #1: Allow them to Provide Care (Caregive) from Long-Distance

The advent of technology has enabled the millennial generation to travel long distances or move away from their home city or country. The likelihood that a millennial is not able to visit their elderly relative in-person each day (or week) is very likely. As such, any care plan you create must identifies ways for millennial to provide care from both near and far. Staying connected to loved ones is important to seniors in your care as it improves their health and well being and reduces the risks of depression and loneliness.

Tip #2: Provide them Positive Feedback

The millennial generation expects immediate feedback in order to know that the job they are doing is correct and profession. Without positive feedback, their minds do not register the reward signal we are used to getting. And without a reward, the brain will not be enthusiastic to do it again. Positive feedback can come from you or from the elder and through in-person or technological means.

Tip #3: Activism

A future with millennial generation in it is cause for much optimism. The millennials tend to be optimistic and are highly involved in their communities through social networks as well as activism. They are concerned with issues related to positive social change, healthy lifestyles, and equity. This may, as a result, cause them to become the best caregivers for an elderly population who desires to age in place. Should there ever be a problem or a cause for concern, they will know exactly what to do.

Tip #4: Investing in Assistive Technology

As a generation born into technology, millennials are not the ones to prick a loved one’s finger and test for blood sugar levels or physically lift their care recipient who is unable to do so by themselves. They would be the first to invest in technologies that will help them make their jobs easier, such as lifts and digital blood sugar level checking machines. As such, they are looking for grants and government funding that will help them do the job both efficiently and with minimal cost to them. Any plan to involve a millennial in a caregiving plan must include some sort of productivity technologies.

Could Millennials be better-suited for caregiver for elderly jobs?

Even with the shift of staff working as caregivers for seniors in Vancouver and the surrounding areas (South Surrey, Surrey, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, or White Rock), some believe millennials could be well suited for it. Since the generation grew up during the time technology was being introduced, most have a better grasp on navigating and using technology to the best of their advantage – something older generations do not always feel comfortable doing. Their adaptation to technology has made them excellent at resource-finding and drives them toward efficiency and higher productivity.

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