The Importance of an Early Diagnosis for Dementia Care Treatment

No one likes talking about Dementia, especially when someone they love may be affected by it. Fear and anxiety often hinder family members from seeking the advice of a physician and obtaining a diagnosis. Rest assured that there are positives associated with an early diagnosis – it allows a person with dementia to get the maximum benefit from available treatments and live independently with support of family members and caregivers.
As caregivers of elderly clients with dementia in Vancouver and surrounding areas, we understand how hard this decision must be for you. It is important to note that the response of the person with dementia will depend on the level of support that is available to them and how they view the disorder (positive/negative way). You want to keep the mood as positive as possible for the loved one to avoid upsetting them.
Dementia often starts with something simple as not remembering your address or putting your car keys in the fridge. Any small changes to your loved one memory, especially the ones that are affecting their day-to-day lives, warrant a trip to the family doctor right away.

Diagnoses are more accurate when done early in the process. That’s because the symptoms you are concerned about might be caused by a condition that can be reversible. Even when there is some form of dementia present, diagnosis and treatment of reversible health ailments can improve brain functions and improve symptoms. You will never know this until you speak with a physician.

5 Tips for Early Dementia Care Intervention | Caregivers Vancouver

What can you do to be better prepared? The following are five tips we have compiled in helping our caregivers deal with early diagnosis of dementia when caring for seniors:
• Review the 10 Warning Signs of Dementia. Although dementia, at first, may feel like a normal part of aging and memory loss is the only symptom, there is more to the disorder than what meets the naked eye.
• Unfortunately, the diagnosis part of dementia is a complex and difficult process. With it, your loved one can receive the right care, support, and access to treatment right away. Click here to learn more about the process, so you can become a better advocate for your loved one.
• Make note of all the signs you are noticing. When did the symptoms begin? Have the improved or worsened over time? This information will be helpful to the physician.
• Ask a pharmacist to do a print out of all medication your loved one is taking. Have a physician peruse it on a regular basis. Also let the physician know of your family’s medical history, including history of depression and dementia.
• Start a discussion with your loved one about their wishes for the future during early stages of the illness. Allow them to take part in the construction of their care plan.

Bill C-233 | Caregiver Vancouver

In 2017, Canada passed the Bill C-233 act respecting a national strategy for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. As such, Canada became the 30th country to develop a national dementia strategy to tackle the scale, impact, and expense of dementia. This was an important milestone for more than 500,000 Canadians living with dementia as it offers a coordinated approach to tackling dementia in tangible ways.
Fact: There is strong evidence that an early diagnosis helps someone with dementia to continue to live independently in their own home for longer. This helps to avoid early or unnecessary admission to a care home or hospital, enhancing the quality of life for people with dementia and providing substantial savings on long-term care costs.

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