Work as a Nanny or Caregiver This Summer

Many high school and college kids get jobs over the summer, and some work year-round. Working is a great way to develop job skills that are continuously in demand. There is a disconnect, no matter how small, between the schooling environment and the work environment. Only working a job can really prepare you to work a job, like developing your soft skills in the workplace.

Summer camp counselors, lifeguards, bank tellers, interns, security guards, retail workers, and baristas are just a few of an endless list of summer jobs. Many high school and college kids look at these jobs when deciding how to spend their summers. However, there are many jobs that are not being considered, but should be, like caregiver and nanny jobs.

Anyone can be a caregiver or nanny if they make the commitment to be one. There is so much availability for career advancement in the healthcare and assisted living industries as clients become older and require assistance in their daily lives. This is a real “people person” industry, where connecting with others is vital to your success. Emotionally connecting with someone is a vital job skill that is not widely taught in schools today, but should be, due to the importance of it, not only in the healthcare industry, but all industries.

Caregivers need to be compassionate, and have a high emotional intelligence. Both caregivers and nannies will be providing care for people who need someone with an understanding mindset, and an ability to be able to provide what the clients need. A caregiver can be taking care of multiple clients, or just one. You can transition from caregiving to practically any other industry in terms of soft skills, due to the importance of the soft skills that are emphasized.

A client can be really young, really old, or somewhere in between. A client can be very healthy, or deficient in some area, whether it is mental, emotional, or physical. In short, a caregiver or nanny, if he or she wants to work at, and be successful at, caregiver jobs or nanny jobs, needs to be able to provide care well, and when mandated.

A Great Job for College Students

Everywhere you go in college, you will hear professors, fellow students, and advisers talk about “hard skills,” “employability,” and “work experience.” Now, the majority of those comments will be focused on your major or minor, and how you can translate your course work into work experience in your field.

However, what is often lost in the university experience is the recognition of softer skills like communication, empathy, and morality. Skills like these are valued everywhere because they are practically self-taught. Either you have the motivation to improve them, or you do not.

Sure, a smart computer science major or history major with several publications under his or her belt will have an easier time finding work than his or her classmates, but there is a difference between being able to work, and having others want to work with you.

To succeed in a team environment, you need skills which are not being taught at university, but that you will learn providing care to others. This makes caregiver jobs and nanny jobs perfect for high school and college students looking to improve their emotional intelligence skills.

Caregiver jobs and nanny jobs are available and are accessible. For more information about such jobs in Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and Fraser Valley, British Columbia, you should visit Ace Personnel online at our website today.

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