Top Four Misconceptions Seniors Have About Elderly Care

Many individuals, elders included, have misconceptions about elderly care. Too many late-night made-for-TV movies and personal anecdotes from friends make a negative impression on elderly care, and this perspective is not truthful. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Hiring homemakers for elderly care can be one of the most beneficial decisions you can make for your elderly parents.

Here are four common misconceptions surrounding elderly care, and why they are not entirely truthful.

They Will Soon Be Put in a Retirement Home

Many elderly people fear retirement homes. This is normal. Retirement homes, at best, signify a loss of independence. After many decades of living on their own, and being responsible for each other, it can be a life-altering experience for your elderly parents to relinquish control over their own lives. As your parents grow older, though, their physical and mental condition will either become more fragile or weaken. This is a fact of getting old.

However, hiring homemakers for elderly care does not automatically mean your parents will be soon placed in a retirement home. In truth, each case is different and one cannot know whether a retirement home is better for an elderly person’s health and well being versus a homemaker for elderly care. There are so many variables to consider that it is futile to draw conclusions prematurely. Your elderly parents must understand that homemakers are not trying to control their lives. Instead, the primary goal of an elderly care professional is to prolong life, and to make your parents’ lives as positive as possible, while looking out for their health and vitality.

They Will Have to Follow a Strict Schedule

Many believe that hiring homemakers for elderly care means that their parents’ job, hobbies, and activities will be negatively affected by elderly care. Of course, things like making sure your parents receive medication at set times throughout the day, going to physiotherapy or physical therapy appointments, will alter your parents’ schedules.

However, these are normal interruptions and can be accommodated in anyone’s schedule. Overall, with a few minimal additions, your parents’ schedules will not be affected that much. For instance, your parents may need to make room in their schedules for an hour of physiotherapy a day and take pills on a schedules timetable. This does not mean they cannot enjoy their normal schedule. They will still be able to enjoy their previous lifestyle, and any future lifestyle changes they make, as long as they prioritize their health as well.

They Do Not Need Care

Many seniors have been living independently since their teenage years. As such, they may be reluctant to admit they require elderly care. Your elderly parents need to know that hiring homemakers for elderly care is not a bad thing, and this decision will not negatively affect them in any way. In fact, hiring elderly care professionals can be one of the most positive things for a senior citizen to have during their old age.

Elderly care professionals are always looking out for their clients’ best interests, and will always be the first to remind your loved ones of their medical appointments, medication times, and more. Having someone close by who can do this, and who holds this as their highest priority, is essential to ensuring your elderly parents live a long and healthy life.

They Will Not Be Able to Vet Their Elder Care Attendant

On the contrary, you and your elderly parents will be able to vet the homemakers for elderly care that you choose to hire, or not. So many “soft” factors are important to consider when hiring someone to help your elderly parents with round-the-clock care, including personality, life perspective, and future plans.

Some elderly individuals may prefer their homemaker has a similar ethnic background to them, especially if our parents are first- or second-generation Canadians. Other elderly individuals may be more willing to hire homemakers for elderly care if their homemakers are prospective medical or nursing students because they want help from someone who is passionate about their work. It all depends on the “soft” factors.

Ace Personnel provides homemakers for elderly care to senior citizens who require help prioritizing their health and vitality. We are a staffing and placement agency, operating for over four decades, which takes great care and interest to ensure your elderly family members receive the best care possible in their twilight years. Our clients are located in and around Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, the Fraser Valley, and British Columbia. For more information about elderly care, please visit us at our website.

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