Technology Seniors Should be Familiar With



As technology proves a vital part of our everyday lives, it can be difficult for a senior to decide which technologies are the most useful to know. Admittedly, with the millions of gadgets, programs, and apps we have created, sorting the important technologies can be overwhelming. Although research says that seniors are increasing their use of the Internet and technology, there are still a few advances you may not know…


The Official Senior Net Headquarters Blog, suggests that iPads, hearing aids, video and computer games, Skype, health tracking software, wireless internet, smartphones, wireless home monitoring, GPS, and home assistive devices are the most useful for a senior. These technologies are useful in connecting with others through social media and basic video chatting and texting features. In addition, video games and features on the iPad can help to keep the mind sharp. Systems such as health tracking apps, hearing aids, wireless home monitoring, GPS, and home assistive devices, help keep seniors safe.

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