How to Provide Elderly Care to Local Seniors

Homemakers have a difficult job. They are required to provide elderly care to people who are in desperate need of assistance. Homemakers must find a way to provide suitable care to the elderly without stepping on their toes. However, as seniors age, they sometimes begin to complain as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of their independence. Homemakers for elderly care are expected to be patient and to provide a high quality level of care that will keep their clients feeling satisfied. Ace Personnel provides homemakers for senior care and we are committed to helping the elderly achieve the highest possible quality of life.

When providing elderly care, homemakers need to be prepared for seniors that complain. In some cases, a seniors personality can change based on any medications that they are taking. For example, a senior taking antidepressants can have a negative reaction to them and become more depressed. In addition, if your client is on multiple medications, they may suffer personality changes based on a combination of several different side effects. Always be patient when providing elderly care and try to understand the type of pain that your client may be going through. They don’t want to complain, but sometimes they can’t help it.

Other times, complaining can be completely warranted. Homemakers must identify situations where a little complaining is justified. If your client is suffering from a nasty infection, recovering from a major procedure, or suffered a devastating injury, a little complaining may be in order and it is up to you to try and comfort them and to provide them with a high level of care that will cheer them up. Other times, your client may be suffering from something that hasn’t been diagnosed. Be calm and always seek help when required. We all complain when we are in pain, regardless of age. Remember, seniors don’t want to complain, but sometimes they have no choice.

Another reason for constant complaining is the sense of entitlement. When an individual works, they often try to reign in their negativity and to maintain a sense of positivity. However, when an individual retires, they may not feel the need to hide their feelings and that can often manifest itself in frequent complaining.

In extreme cases, your client may also be developing dementia. Homemakers aren’t doctors, but if you see the warning signs for dementia, such as memory loss, it is important that you try and urge your client to get checked out. Still, some seniors will try and hide their symptoms and that may result in frequent complaining. It is difficult to lose your memory and it will leave you feeling helpless. Just remember, when a senior is suffering from dementia, they aren’t complaining because they want to.

For every senior that complains in a justified manner, there are others who are naturally mean spirited. Human beings come in all different forms. Homemakers that come into contact with grumpy seniors must learn to deal with it and to still provide a high level of care regardless of their attitude. If you find that your client is grump and overly demanding, just take a breath and go about your tasks in a normal manner. If you do your job right, you won’t have anything to worry about.

Ace Personnel provides homemakers for elderly care. We offer reputable homemakers to clients in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and all of British Columbia. If you have any questions about our homemakers, the senior care they provide, or our company in general, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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